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DIY Tea Towel

I love decorating with tea towels in my kitchen.  This super simple DIY shows you how to customize your plain white tea towels into something beautiful!


  • Pack of white tea towels (10 pack at Walmart for $7)
  • Fabric paint
  • Thick paper or something to make a stencil out of, you can also buy a pre made stencil from a craft store.
  • Scissors or xacto knife
  • Brush

suppliesfortea towels.jpg

First step is to create your own stencil.  Choose a simple design like a triangle.  You can also free hand a design if you want to.  After you cut out your stencil decide your placement.  Its best to measure it all out so you have an even looking design.


We tried a couple different things for paint and what we found was if you take a sponge brush and brush on the puff paint it works really well.  The fabric paint markers were really hard to use on this type of fabric and seemed to bleed so I do not recommend using them.


After your stencil is in place hold it down really well and paint in your designs.  You can do a repeating pattern or something more random whatever you think would look best.


We ended up doing a larger triangle made out of the triangle stencil and it worked great!

Here is our end result!

tea towel diy.jpgteatoweldone.jpgteatowelfinished.jpg


Customize this DIY to be whatever design or shape you want, make it your own and make it beautiful!
Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “DIY Tea Towel”

  1. Super cute! I wanna do this but on a light pink towel with a light green edge so looks like a watermelon!


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