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Embroidery Hoop Necklace

Walking through Joanne Fabrics I found a wonderful DIY craft project to try out! I wanted to share my review of the product and some ideas to DIY it yourself.



The brand is cross stitch style and they have a bunch of cross stitch projects that are super affordable and look fun to make.  I think this kit was around 3 or 4 dollars.  You get a piece of embroidery cloth, a tiny embroidery hoop, ball necklace, and instructions on how it all works. You could buy all these things separate but the price is good enough that it would be hard to get it all for the same price.  If you do not like the ball necklace you could get a nicer looking chain or swap out some of the things just to make it more unique and your style.


They have three designs for you to go off of or you can create your own. You need to have your own needle and thread.  They tell you the pattern and how many strings to use for the design.  They are all really simple since its such a small piece, they are all really easy.  You can come up with your own design or change the colors in theirs.

If you have never cross stitched before they give a quick guide on how to do it and its super simple if you haven’t done it before its something that’s really easy to pick up. If you want to do this without the kit you can just cut a  small piece of embroidery cloth and start stitching.

Once you finish cross stitching it you get to put it all together. This is where I ran into some issues with the kit.  When I put it all together the embroidery hoop cracked in two places so it ended up falling apart.  But Hey! I am a DIY’er and I will not let this stop me! So I grabbed my hot glue gun and glued it all back together and it worked pretty well. I could have been a little bit more careful with the hot glue you can see it in the front a little bit so If I had to redo it I would use less so it wouldn’t show in front.

I think Its a good idea to hot glue the cloth to the backing anyway so that’s a good tip even if it doesn’t break.  You can buy small embroidery hoops online or find them in some craft stores too if you do not want to buy the kit.  This is what it looked like in the end, I think its a super cute craft and I cant wait to wear it out!

Happy Crafting!



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