Vegan or Not: Cooking both ways

To be vegan, or not to be vegan, that is the question!

I am a vegan but my husband is not. Most people would find this a difficult place to be in, but if you can learn to make REALLY good vegan food no one will even taste the difference! You can still simply cook up some chicken for that other person, but ultimately it comes down to how well you can cook.

I enjoy being able to love my husband by working hard to make food he likes, and he knows that! Adding something for him (like bacon in this recipe) shows that I was thinking of him, and it’s usually so easy to add!

My husband and I LOVE trying new things, and we love being creative in those new things. This recipe was very new for us, and we defiantly will make it differently next time!

Stuffed Potato Patties


Start by washing, peeling and cutting your potatoes. Put them in a pot with your bay leaves and boil. While they are boiling chop up your onion, mushrooms, and garlic if you want to add this. Put all 3 ingredients into a frying pan with 1tbs of oil, put on low and cover for 15-20min, then for 5 more minutes on high when this time is over. All the liquid in the pan should be gone.

When the potatoes are done, strain, remove bay leaves, mash, and place the pot in the fridge to allow them to cool faster.

In a separate pan, I cooked up some bacon for my non-vegan husband, and chopped them to put into the patties.

Now you can remove potatoes if they are completely cool, if they are not cool the potato dough won’t form well. Then add the nutritional yeast and flour to the potatoes and mix well, I would suggest adding some seasoning or herbs to this as we found the potato dough quite bland.

You can now form your patties!

It takes about 2tbs of dough to make half the patty, flatten this into a circle, add more flour if needed! These patties can be difficult to work with, so make sure your hands have flour on them and you treat it like a sticky dough.

Next add your filling. I made half of my patties with bacon in them, and half with the mushrooms alone. Make the other patty half and place on top of the filling, pressing and shaping firmly.

It’s actually very easy to cook for a vegan and a carnivore!

Once your patties are assembled, heat 1tbs of the oil on a nonstick frying pan and place patties into the pan, cooking each side for about 5 minutes. They should brown nicely.

The finished meal 🙂

*For added taste I added a bit of vegan butter to both sides of the patty, and sprinkled with salt- this is optional.
*You do not have to use this much flour if you don’t need it, I eyeballed it.
*Feel free to substitute olive oil for coconut oil.
*I added nutritional yeast to the potatoes for flavor, I wish I would have put more in actually.

Now, let’s talk ingredients:

  • 2lbs of potatoes, makes about 8 small patties.
  • 1 package of your favorite mushrooms! We used mini portabella.
  • Salt and pepper to taste.
  • 2tbs Olive oil.
  • 2 bay leaves.
  • 1 small onion.
  • 1/2c of flour.
  • Herbs of choice.

Things I added:

  • 1 strip of chopped, cooked bacon.
  • 1tbs nutritional yeast.
  • Garlic.


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