Napkin Pillowcase DIY

How many times have you passed by the home décor section seeing the CUTEST cloth kitchen napkins? The kind you want to show off but don’t dare because they’ll get destroyed with the first use. Unable to stop myself I brought home four flowered and colorful to display for company.

The problem came when my guests considered them too adorable to use during dinner and requested paper napkins instead- sigh. I tried.

Now what? I laid them out across my table after everyone had went to home and stared at the bench seats my guests had vacated and BAM! It came to me.


Pillows- the bench seat needed pillows and I had fabric in the form of napkins.

I purchased the cheapest bed pillows I could find and began my experiment.

  • Decide your layout. I choose to do opposite ends of the pattern for this project.
  • I’m making two pillows and using two napkins on each piece.
    • Variation: If you wanted square pillows follow the same outline but start with one napkin folded in half and seal the sides.
  • Place the front sides together to sew. This way your seams won’t show.
    • Variation: You could sew with the seam on the outside in a zigzag if you would like the look better.
  • Start with the short end first and make your line as even as you can.
  • Working away from the sewn end toward the open end, sew the edges.
    • TIP: To turn the corner place your needle down into the fabric, lift the sewing foot up, rotate the piece, return the foot down, and continue sewing
  • With three sides sewn you should have what looks just like a pillow case. I choose to leave the third end open for easy washability later (when my toddler decides to use them as napkins again).
  • Turn the project right side out and stuff in your pillow.
    • Warring: My new pillows turned out to be too fluffy for my new cases and I ended up putting the new pillows on our bed and using the old bed pillows which had lost some of there fluff. Either way it’s something to consider.

Overall this project turned out all right. I give it a 7 out of 10 for me. I like how they look on the bench and the level of comfort for the space has improved. I may try another pillow on the inside to see what I can do about the fluff level in the future. It was easy to sew and took me under an hour to complete. Between the pillows and napkins I spent $16.00 and got two big bench pillows, take that pottery barn.


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