Seriously Funny Writing

If I’m being totally honest I’ve never been a funny person.

I’ve dreamed of being the one telling an epic story of embarrassment and having the whole room erupt in laughter. Never happened, not once. So I gave up on trying to be funny. Sure it happens on occasion, I get lucky and make someone laugh, but it’s rare and it makes my day.

But as I read aloud a flash fiction I’d constructed on the fly something unbelievable happened: a giggle, then a laugh, and next a full blown snort. All my dreams were coming true!  I had my whole writers group in stiches. What the?!

I’ve no idea how it happened, but I’d written something funny. What I couldn’t do in conversation I’d managed to put on paper, but how?

Since that night I’ve picked apart my story trying to discover the secret of humor (plus I had to edit it). I came to the conclusion, yet again, I’m not funny. I know I’m not. I’m an incredibly serious person especially in areas I’m passionate about like writing.  So what had I done differently than in all my other pieces of fiction? Nothing.

What I learned is that being serious can be incredibly hilarious.

I don’t want to share my exact story because it’s out on submission so let me give you the best example I can think of. Buddy in the Elf movie was being true to himself with everything he did, no matter how people reacted. No one eats candy all day long but when you show a character that does and it’s normal, that’s funny.

So by making normal the things we would consider odd you can create humor.

I’m not a funny person and I don’t need to be. I can be my normal serious self and twist the story to make laughter. I’m so excited. I hope this gives a little bit of hope to all the other un-funnys out there.

Happy Questing!



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