“Backup And No One Gets Hurt…”

Sounds like a line from any suspense or thriller book but I’m dead serious. Have you backed up your devises lately? I’m recovering from two months with a crashed computer. My fingers are twitchy from all the tiny keypads I’ve been using to keep writing.

Don’t be me.

I think I had most things saved but honestly it’s hard to know for certain. I also switched phones and my head is spinning from all the data switch-overs. In a real life situation like this, where hard drive crashes are common, where is your data at? What are the options?

I’m not going to push to sell any products for backing up data but I’m on the fence for getting something like Carbonite which keeps your data secure at a second location.

Other options include the “cloud” but space there is limited unless you’re willing to pay for it. Not all bad for instant back ups and peace of mind.

The third option is to go manual. Get a backup hard drive and schedule downloads of your data automatically. Want one step better? Also copy flash drives for specific things. I like to do the year in photos on one flash drive and put it in our home safe. But even flash drives will corrode or corrupt over time if not used or if subjected to dust or moisture.

Please don’t be me.

Backup your data, your documents, your photos. Take the time to do it. Computers crash, natural disasters, and toddler rampages are real dangers to your data.

I used to work for a major insurance company doing disaster areas, tornado and hurricanes mostly. Walking on the roofs I’d unwedge photo after photo from between shingles and carry the water damaged mess down my ladder. The homeowner would sift through them declaring these were not theirs… what would you do with such precious cargo? I’d fill a bag and drop it at the local school, church, or city hall hoping they could find the right families.

Please back up your data.

Now it’s no longer just storage units being bought for extra items too dear to part with. Digital data space is the new storage unit and you better have yours or risk loosing it.

Happy Questing!

2 thoughts on ““Backup And No One Gets Hurt…””

  1. I’m a Carbonite girl. Used them for about 7 years now…extremely satisfied. I’ve had one computer crash during that time and got all my files back easily, quickly, and without a hitch. One less thing to stress about….yes!

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