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A reason to continue writing – a pep talk

Life deals our characters a lot of crap.

Okay…. We deal our characters a lot of crap.

But why do we love them? Why do we keep writing their stories and rooting for them anyway?

Because they make changes when life changes.

They make life-altering, heart-throbbing, breath-catching changes.

When someone breaks their heart, they plan revenge.

When someone they love dies, they reach out for a new connection to help them through the difficult time.

When they lose their job, they go after a crazy unpaid internship that will change their life when it turns into a paid gig.

When they get injured while climbing a mountain, they clean off the injury, wrap it up and keep climbing, despite the pain.

When they get lost while traveling, they make an educated guess on which direction to go and keep moving.

No matter what, they keep going. They go against the odds and usually end up victorious.

You give life to your characters for a purpose. Without challenges, they wouldn’t have any reason to exist.

Challenge: What crazy challenge can you present to your character today that will give them purpose?

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