Edible Flowers

One of my favorite things to do is wander throughout my yard and collect flowers to eat. Some come from my gardens while others from the meadow. This time of year is ripe for some awesome flower picks. Flowers have traditionally been used in many types of cooking from all over the world.There are many recipes that flowers can be added to and some can be eaten on the spot while out on a mornings walk.

I hope you to can enjoy the flavor, color, and texture that flowers can bring to your food.

Here are a few of my favorite flowers.

  1. Common daylily –Hemerocallis fulva . Buds, flowers and bulbs.

2. Calendula –Calendula officinalis.

3. Nasturtium –Tropaeolum. Flowers, leaves and seeds.

4. Pansy Family –Viola, including wild purple violets and Johnny-jump ups.

5, Musk Mallow –Malva moschata and common mallow. The leaves and seeds are also edible.

6. Red Clover –Trifolium pratense. The leaves are also edible.

7. Dutch White clover –Trifolium repens.

8. Roses Petals.


  • Eat flowers you know to be consumable — if you are uncertain, consult a reference book on edible flowers and plants.
  • Eat flowers you have grown yourself, or know to be safe for consumption. Flowers from the florist or nursery have probably been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.
  • Do not eat roadside flowers or those picked in public parks. Both may have been treated with pesticide or herbicide, and roadside flowers are most usually contaminated.
  • Eat only the petals unless you know if the entire plant is edible.
  • If you suffer from allergies, introduce edible flowers gradually.
  • Keep flowers fresh by placing them on moist paper towels and refrigerate in an airtight container.
  • Remember, eat in moderation. Some plants
    have medicinal effects.

Here is a link for a edible flower chart.



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