Fishing for an Agent

I love to fish. But with toddlers it isn’t something I get to do as often as I’d like. So now I settle for figurative fishing by quering my stories to agents, editors, and publishers.

One thing is certain, if you never cast into the water you will never catch anything.

But if you do cast out into the deep blue you could catch several things:

  • Seaweed- sometimes what you real back in has a momentary excitement. It feels big and then leaves you slimy and wiping your hands. Toss that yuck away and keep casting out.
  • Nothing- Some fish just arnt going to bite.
  • Little sunfish- Sometimes you get a little encouragement, a helpful note. Enjoy these but don’t obsess. Revise and keep fishing.
  • Big Bass- these are the agents, editors, and publishers that you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes the line may snap and things will fall through. Keep fishing.

Change your lure. Write more stories! Throw them out there and see what kind of fish takes a bite.

As you keep fishing and writing you’ll start to learn what the fish bite at and how to real in your lure that appeals best. Meaning, the more experience you get the more and more you’ll start landing the fish you want.

Never give up. Eventually you will land a keeper.

Happy Questing!

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