Sacred Texts

We all have sacred texts, whether it’s a religious tome or great grandma’s written recipe cards, they have value in our minds and hearts.

So what do you do when things are past their usefulness? Do you keep the sentimental notes from valentines day in hopes to create a scrapebook when you have more time. Do you donate your bible with broken spine and highlighted pages. Do you reycle them as paper? Or do you burn them in solidarity.

None of these answeres are bad. But what is the library to do when they receive them in the donation pile? It’s clear the book was loved, useful, essential to someone’s life, but as a source of usefulness where does it lie?

Please don’t make your local librarian choose the fate of your sacred texts through the donation pile.

Take a few minutes to see if a family member would cherish grandmas recipe book. Have the guts to throw away a used tome when it’s beyond care. Or tape it up and set it in a place of forgotten reverence in your home.

Just please don’t pass the buck to the librarian handling donations.

Happy Questing!

1 thought on “Sacred Texts”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! The secret many librarians hide is that sometimes we have to toss books because they are moldy, past their usefulness (aka old), or just plain don’t circulate (aka no one wants to read it for a very long time). Yes, it’s sad. But library’s have finite space and not everything is meant to last forever — even books.

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