Visual Writing Prompts for NaNoWriMo

I think we’ve all fallen down the jumbo dragon hole of Pinterest at some point or another. Repeat offender over here. As a writer it can suck up all my time quicker than syrup on a pancake. On the other hand it gives me immersive and intense inspiration.

Are the jewels hidden within Pinterest worth the writer time risk?

Yes and No. For me it depends on where I am in the writing process.

When I’m plotting and character sketching before sitting down to write my draft Pinterest is invaluable. I make a secret board and fill it with my world. Whether it’s a real place or something only in my mind you can find images.

During drafting I don’t search through Pinterest. I use my already created board for sensory writing reference only. No browsing, I mean it… that’s the hard part.

So when that supportive character pops up mid-draft during the month of November and you have no character references for them don’t fall into the internet hole searching for the prefect reference picture. Make a note and keep moving. 

Are you doing National Novel Writing Month this year? Do you have a secret board?

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