Putting Grumpy in Timeout

I think we all suffer from the occasional (or me a not so occasional) grumpiness. Certain things can get under my skin fast and make my mood turn dark within seconds. For example, loud chewing… I will excuse myself to the bathroom and “get lost” in route to avoid it. Put your big pet peeve in the comments and we can commiserate if you want.

The trouble is the rebound. I don’t want to be grumpy.

So I was inspired by a recent bout of wills between my toddlers to put my grumpiness in timeout. I know it sounds silly but I promise you’re going to love this.

What is the opposite of grumpy? Happy. So what are the things that make you happy?

For me my grumpy time outs include things like: painting my nails, reading, time in the hammock, CHOCOLATE, and bubble baths.  So now when I hit that grumpy moment I put my grumpy self in time out. Even with kids.

In fact, my kids love it. I ask them if mom is being grumpy and they willingly chide me and and I get to be ALONE for nearly three minutes (let’s be real they’re too small to be left alone too long).

This is the balm of parenthood. Alone time. Can I get an amen?

So when you feel the grumpy coming on, find your happy place. Let it soak in. It may only last for a few minutes but that may be enough to get you to a better mental place.

Happy Questing.

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