5 Ways to Choose Your Next Project

Anyone else suffer from too many ideas? Anyone else know that all ideas are not equally good?

How do you decide what to work on next?

I’ve outlined how I process this dilemma for me below. You may have different factors and reasons but here are mine and I hope you find them useful as you choose your next project.

I start by listing out all my projects with a working title, I ended up with six on my list. I added in the age categories for each project since I write for different levels. I care about the age category because by default this may mean a shorter or longer project. You may not have this specific issue or you may be interested in writing some magazine articles which could be similar reasoning.

  1. What am I most excited about?
  2. How much time do I reasonably have to work on projects?
  3. What is the target word count for each project?
  4. What stage is each story currently in (idea, drafting, revision)?
  5. Do I need anything extra to work on each project (research, interviews, training etc.)?

All together this makes a pros and cons list for me. Often I’ll tackle the fastest project or the one closest to completion first. This, admittedly, makes me feel accomplished and who doesn’t need more of that? So what about you? Have you figured out which project to tackle next? Nanowrimo is coming up and having a solid choice is the first step in your momentum for the month.

Happy Questing!

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Choose Your Next Project”

  1. While I think that ideas are the easiest part of the writing process (and thus you should have more ideas than words), I also find it hard to feel excited about a huge number of them. And I think that’s a great yardstick, because I feel that you should only start on projects you’re excited about, no matter how cool the others may seem. Thanks for this!


    1. Stuart, I totally agree! My excitement level is the biggest factor when I choose a project because it has to carry me through such a lengthy process. Great thoughts, thank you for reading.


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