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How to optimize your website for Pinterest

We all have seen viral photos, hello grumpy kitty. Can you imagine the site traffic boost if just one of your photos goes viral? Oh the joy! Not only is your photo out there but so is your website! Right?

Odds are no. As a blogger, I have taken the time to set up each photo on my site to be Pinterest ready. In addition, I have set up my personal account to lead traffic back to my website as well. How? I’m so glad you asked.

Here are some simple steps to getting the most out of Pinterest.

  • Make all your photos pinable. Most hosting sites have this feature you can add as a setting letting the “pin it” button show up when a photo is hovererd over.
  • Put your website name on your personal account. Go to your account settings and fill out your whole profile. This will allow other pinners to see you are serious about your brand.
    • TIP:  By adding your site to your personal account Pinterest will ask if you would like to convert your current account into a business account
  • Use hash tags. Pinterest searches using hash tags. By adding these to your photo description you can get better results for searches within Pinterest. Ex: #DIY #Writing
  • Give every post a photo. Usually, users repin based on the photo alone regardless of the content behind the photo or the website. Use this to your advantage and put up a killer photo each time.
  • Pre-create your photo descriptions. Your website should allow you to modifiy your media to give it a name and desctiption. Set this up for every photo you use on your site and it will automatically pull into Pinterest.
  • Make your boards the same as your site pages or categories. Keeping things the same across media platforms gives everything a coherent look and keeps viewers from getting confused.
  • Add colaborators. You can give access to individual boards to different users. This is great if you have a blog with multiple contributors.
  • Know your stats. If you have a business pinterest account there is a statatistic site tied to it. See if Pinterest is generating any traffic for you or if your market/viewers are on another platform altogether.
    • TIP: Use a professional looking photo of yourself, if you logged into Pinterest with your Facebook account these may be linked causing some seriously unprofessional photos to show up on your Pinterest account.
  • Follow others. Sometimes the best way to get followers is to follow other people. This will put you and your posts into the traffic flow quickly.

Need an example? Try it with this blog post.  Its an attractive photo that is easy to pin by just hovering over the picture. Now pin this post into Pinterest. See how my captions are pre loaded, with hash tags? I will be able to view my statistics page now and see how many of you tried it.

Were you able to optimize your website? What parts were especially helpful for you? Have you seen a boost in your traffic?

Let's chat! Leave your comment below and I'll get back you as quick as I can.

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