Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mothers day

1.The Giving Keys, pay it forward.

The giving keys is a company that employs homeless people to create jewelry, but it gets better than that. Each piece of jewelry has a word on it that is meant to be given to someone you think needs that word.  For example, if you have a necklace with the word strength on it, you can give that to someone who is fighting a sickness or someone who is going through a difficult time.  It is meant to encourage and help others through giving.  When they are done with the necklace they are meant to give it to someone else who needs it.  The company also lets you write your story of the necklace on their website and you can go through and read everyone’s story.  You can purchase the inspire necklace here.


Moms love it when you create something for them.  Especially if you actually make something that looks good and is useful.   There are lots of good DIY’s out there, you know your mom best, so create something that she will love.  Check out this Bath Shelf DIY here.


Sevenly is a company that takes specific causes and gives a portion of their profit to the cause.  The cool thing about Sevenly is that they highlight many different causes and have a wide variety of products.  They have a page on their website with all of their causes and you can click on whatever one you want and it will list the products for that cause. View that page here. Purchase the T-shirt in the picture here.

4. Herb Garden.

You can create an indoor or patio herb garden for your mom.  Cooking with fresh herbs is awesome and most people are not able to because they do not grow their own.  Give your mom a gift that she can use everyday and that she will enjoy for a long time!  Check out this herb garden DIY here.

5. Time.

Out of all the gifts that you can give, your time is probably the best.  If you can go spend time with your mom on mothers day do it!  You can also buy the clock pictured above here.

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