Dollar Store DIY

I was walking through the dollar store and found these amazing fake succulents in the flower aisle.  After seeing them I decided I had to try my hand at making a terrarium.  If you have real succulents or air-plants this could also work and would look amazing.  This is a great idea for wedding decor or just to put on your table at home.  All of the supplies for this DIY came from the Dollar Tree.


Supplies Needed:

  • Moss
  • Plastic succulents
  • Glass vase

How to:

This is really simple because you just assemble the terrarium. I put the moss in first, but you could also use stones or colored sand to give it an extra pop of color.  Since you are creating this, you can pick out what fits best with your style.  I picked out two of my favorite types of succulents at the store but they had more to choose from.  They also have many glass vases to choose from, I picked this one because it was smaller and its round like most terrariums.  After you position the succulents in the vase you are finished with this super simple dollar store DIY.  Enjoy!




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