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DIY Magnolia Wreath

Around here in North Carolina there are Magnolia trees all over.  I decided to make a beautiful wreath for my front door out of the leaves.  If you have seen a magnolia leaf up close they are very thick and when they are dried they are a pretty brown color, they are perfect for a front door wreath.

Front Door


  • Magnolia Leaves, two big bag fulls ( I just picked up what was on the ground, if you want perfect leaves you could take them off the tree and press them).  I also have pine cones ALL over my front yard so I thought I’d put a couple to good use too.
  • Hot Glue Gun with lots of glue
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire snips
  • Wreath base, I used a vine base but it may be even easier to use a foam base.
  • Wreath Hanger


How To:

  1. Start by bundling your leaves together, I did in either groups of three or four, try to keep them all relatively the same size.  line up the leaves so they are fanned out and then take the floral wire and wrap the ends together tightly so they stay in a group. Do this for all of the leaves so when you get to the glue part you can just keep sticking them all in.
    Group Together leaves

    2. Plug in your hot glue gun to warm up.  I made a small diagram of where I placed each piece so you can get an idea where to start gluing in the leaves.  See below.


3. You can start gluing in each piece I started on the outside(dark green points) and worked my way in.

Glue In each piece


Outside first then work your way in, try to fill in the gaps between the line you just created. 

4. On the last round of leaves I added in three pine cones first and then put the leaves in between them.  I put the leaves in a way that wasn’t pointing outward.  You need to lay these ones so that there shape follows the shape of the wreath so you cover up all of the parts you do not want people to see.

Pine cone and start of last round of leaves

5.  After you add in all of the leaves it’s time for a quality check!  Look out for all the stringy glue from your hot glue gun and remove it.  If there are any spots that look bear you should add in more leaves or more pine cones.

Quality check!


6. It’s all ready to hang on your front door now! You can use a wreath hanger or I just used one of those removable hooks that stick on the wall.

Completed Wreath

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