DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame

I have three bathrooms all with mirrors that have no frames.  I wanted to add a little more life into the room with a frame around the mirror.  I also added a shelf with plants above the toilet and some artwork in the room!


  • Liquid nails
  • Caulk gun
  • Trim cut to size (home depot will cut it for you for free if you do not have a saw at home)
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • White caulk
  • Sponge

Step 1

Measure your mirror, TWICE! you need to have all your measurements correct before going to the store!

Step 2

Go to the hardware store and gather your supplies! You will need to pick out the trim you want as your frame. If you have a mitre saw you can cut your peices at an angle so they join together nicely.  I dont have a saw so I decided to just have them do straight cuts at the hardware store and on the corners I used small square pieces.

tip: make sure to have someone help you who works in that specific department, so that they do the measuring and cutting correctly.

Step 3

Paint trim and let dry.

Step 4

Put the liquid nails in the caulk gun and use that to put a line down the back of your trim and set on the base of your mirror( I started at the corner).  You can tape it in place if needed.  Then, as that as the base, you can build the rest of the frame around that using the liquid nails. img_20161005_140200198

Step 5

Now you need to let that dry, make sure everything is lined up correctly!

Step 6

Now its touch up time!  You need to use the white caulk (or whatever caulk matches your color) and fill any cracks. Make sure to wipe everything clean so you do not have globs of caulk anywhere.   You will want to use a wet sponge to clean up an extra caulk and to get it into all of the cracks. You can also touch up and spots with your paint.

Bathroom Mirror Frame DIY

Step 7

Let dry and your mirror is complete!

Bathroom Mirror DIY
Bathroom Mirror DIY




3 thoughts on “DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame”

    1. No I didnt, I found it at Target and I was like in love with it because of HP!!! I’m subtly adding in HP references throughout my home 😛 Target has a bunch of new beautiful watercolor art they just put them in the store, the other art piece in the picture is from target too!


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