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Recycle-Fabric Car shelter into a greenhouse!

A friend of mine had a fabric covered shelter that they bought for an instant garage. The outside fabric lasted about a year and then ripped to shreds in the Michigan winter. She was now faced with this ugly skeleton structure in her yard. Not wanting to waste the heavy duty steel frame she asked me if I wanted it.

I could repurpose that into a PVC hoop-house!

Repurposing this was a nice green idea, and I had always wanted to experiment with a hoop house so I agreed to take it off her hands. Together with my husband we disassembled it, loaded it up and then reassembled it. That took about 4 hours total.

We decided on the location for the hoop-house by considering how much sun it would receive, and placed it so the longest side was facing South. I covered it with some greenhouse film purchased off the internet when the weather began to get cold.

I planted directly into the prepared soil in October, but now wish I had planted the end of August. Some flowering plants like peas need more sunlight to produce fruit, but this was a giant experiment anyway. Now its December here in Michigan and these photos show what I have growing inside. I do not plan on adding any additional heat source but will add a second layer of plastic inside.

We have a huge arctic blast coming to Michigan this week so I moved my free range ducks inside for a few months and they also enjoy the green treats I am able to feed them.

This experimental project has achieved what I wanted. It has extended the growing season for me here in Michigan.

The cost of this project was less than $100.

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