Jot That Down: A Writer’s Conference in Hindsight

Like the jitters I get after drinking a Red Bull , there is something special and energizing about being around your tribe of people.

My tribe is creatives, specifically writers.

This weekend I was blessed to attend a conference and have five hours of time to soak it all up. Carpooling with a dear writing friend made it even better but we realized one crucial thing on our drive home as we discussed all that we’d heard, learned, and experienced.

Not all writing advice is good.

It’s not great to admit it but it’s true. Writing is subjective and therefore opinions are just that, not rules. Even feedback from the same editor on two different pieces can have both good and bad advice.

Why? Because no one is you. Only you can write the story in your head and heart.

Think about it like driving to a conference. You are excited and can’t wait to get there, so you take the expressway because its fast and easy. Then on the drive home you want to talk about what you experienced and make it last, so you take the back roads through the country.

You still got where you needed to go, right? Like in life, writing has many routes to getting to your destination.

So enjoy the ride. Take advice with care and know, regardless of the detours, if you keep driving, you will eventually reach your destination.

Happy Questing!

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