Speaking DIY: Introverts Revolt


Deep breaths. Public speaking… breathe… isn’t… breathe… the end of all. Or maybe it is to you. And I’d challenge you to think a bit differently.

You are an expert on your DIY project. It’s fun. It’s helpful. You’re knowledge is useful.

Therefore people want to hear you talk about it. This is a positive and receptive audience that shares your vision of DIY domination. They will not jeer or talk you down. They want to learn otherwise they would not have shown up to your event.

So breathe deeply of the DIY air of togetherness bound by string and hot glue.

Now share your DIY heart because you want the goodness to rub off like a sticker covered in glitter. You can do this because of the passion within you. It will not be easy but every time you do it you will get better.

Think of your first DIY project the one you showed people, how many tries did it take to get it good enough? Are you with me? Practice the skill of teaching, speaking, and hosting to make your craftiness soar to a new level. Who knows where this will lead you.  Perhaps a paid speaking engagement, a local class at a school or library, or perhaps a book deal down the road. Regardless do not give up on yourself.

You have a crafty soul and with the right tools you can make your life a collage of epicness that others look at in wonder and joy.

Happy Questing!

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