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From Scratch & Other Inconveniences

It’s so easy to buy product off the shelves. You can easily pick up anything you need at the local super center. But this shift in premade product is newer than you may realize.

Not too far in the past, in some living memories even, people made, mixed, and stitched there own goods.

In 1933 the president of the Kroger Company coined the phrase “supermarket” and the revolution of easy access product has never looked back. I’m not saying this is bad or evil at all. I buy many things from the local super center. It’s wonderful.

My concern is when we no longer know or understand what is in the products we consume. We tend to take from granted the ease of Amazon and the exotic foods available 24/7.

This is why doing things DIY is such a big deal to me. Not because I have to but because I want to. I want to understand and know the products I use. I want to be able to make it myself to test the validity of from scratch versus from the store. Let me say some things from scratch are not worth the hassel.

But other things are. It’s up to you to decide but please decide based on knowledge not convenience. Be intentional.

Happy Questing!

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