Seeking Classic Solitude

After the holiday hustle I’m looking for a little solitude and a shift back into a routine, hopefully a productive one.

The issue, around my house at least, is the lack of quiet space. Space to spread out and dig into a writing project without constant interruption. While I am able to tune out a certain level of noise and annoyances (oldest of 5 siblings testify) what I cannot do is stay in writing flow.

You know that special sweet spot where the words are bursting to be written and the household unites in it’s effort to thwart you.

I’m sure most of you just hollered at me to get a booth at Starbucks, drink my latte, and get busy writing. However, I’d challenge you that I’ve found a better spot.

Better than Starbucks? Yes. I said it.

Let me state my case. First, and best in my mind, it’s free! No purchase required. Second it not only has free Wi-Fi but additional resources for your browsing, again free. It is staffed by knowledgeable folks who get your creative and nerdy self. It’s also a quiet space where the odds of someone hitting on you or bothering you is low, super low. Anyone guess it?

Your local library.

I’ve found a sweet corner spot with a window overlooking a bird feeder. They don’t even care if I bring in my own coffee (in a sealed mug of course). The library is the most classic place to seek solitude for creative abandon.

Take a few minutes this week to scope out your local library, find your perfect wooden table, grab a jumbo book like Hermione, and get your words down.

Happy Questing!


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