Ice Cream Characters

Characters are one of the hardest parts of a story to put together, for me at least. I tend to make them all the same base and just sprinkle them with different emotional toppings.

But like ice cream there are so many versions of people it’s endless. So let’s dig into building character a bit.

First you need to select your base for your ice cream. Is it in a bowl? A cone? A waffle cone? Is the cone dipped in chocolate and coated in sprinkles? This is where your character lives. Where you live shapes how you grow and form your worldview, characters are no different.

Figure out the base surroundings for your character first.

Next we need to talk about ice cream flavors. Is it vanilla, chocolate, or Neapolitan? Are you putting fruit, chocolate bits, peanut butter chunks, or coloring in your character? This is deeper than race, it’s personality, it’s flaws, emotions, and more.

All the little things that make your character real and authentic to readers are the flavor.

Finally put on a few toppings. Make your character just a little more different by adding peanuts, sprinkles, or a cherry. Because when you really think about it we all are a little bit quirky.

Hopefully you can build a character readers will be excited to try for a whole book!

Happy Questing!

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