How to get a TV Segment

I try to not teach anything I haven’t done myself so here’s my story about how I got a spot on my local TV station.

I sent an email.

That’s it. All those query letters I’ve sent in the past to agents I modified one for my local My West Michigan television station. Here’s what I said, with a few personal items redacted:

I’m currently writing a children’s cookbook focusing on sauce making and creativity in the kitchen. I’m represented by Aften Brook Szymanski at Golden Wheat Literary. I’d love to do a cooking segment on WZZM’s My West Michigan demonstrating how easy and fun making sauces can be in the kitchen. If this is of interest for your programming I’d love to talk more. You can reach me by email at *** or by phone at ***. I live in *** Michigan and would love to cross promote this with the farmers market as a way to engage healthy eating habits for families.  

So on July 9th, 2019 I’ll be demonstrating one of my favorite sauce recipes and hoping to connect with more amazing people that love to cook. I hope you’ll check it out! Look for my links on Twitter on the afternoon of July 9th to watch.

Have you considered your local stations as an option for your promotional plans? When I sent the email I wholeheartedly thought I was wasting my time. It turns out not so. I’ll be doing a follow-up post on not only my experience but also how it (hopefully) boosts my platform.

So here’s my to do list between now and July 9th:

  1. Hair cut and new outfit 😉
  2. Practice my recipe
  3. Create bio and link info My West Michigan website
  4. Send follow-up email
  5. Low key freak out 😉
  6. Keep writing to stay calm

Happy Questing!



5 thoughts on “How to get a TV Segment”

  1. Congratulations! I have been encouraging authors for some time now to investigate local TV stations, cable access, and college stations to promote their books as a local author.


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