Making A Holiday Journal

In one of my Christmas boxes I have a small, unassuming notebook. It lives there with all the decor for most the year. But when we pull out the holiday boxes I also pull out this notebook. It’s become incredibly special.

It’s my family holiday journal.

I’ve been adding to it each year for five years now. Starting on the day we head out to the farm and cut down a tree to the last holiday party, I write. I say what we did. What the kids liked. What gifts were so perfect. The family we reconnected with. Anything that touches my heart or effects my emotions goes into the book.

It’s like a snippet of a diary. One month of the year.

Last year I put down some of our goals. Some of our dreams. It was bittersweet seeing the dreams that made it and the goals that failed when I opened it this year. If you have a few moments consider adding this tradition to your holiday routine and each year you will be pleased you did.

In the beginning of the book I have written it’s purpose:

To collect memories easily forgotten.

To remember blessings ceaselessly overlooked.

To love family always. 

What traditions do you celebrate at this time of year?

Happy Questing!

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