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Q-Kids: Flower Fun

I’m a huge fan of wildflowers. They are good for the bees and for the heart. So when I saw a field full of wildflowers at my father-in-laws I took the opportunity. With kids in tow we explored the field.

We found daisies, purple clover ,and yellow flower I didn’t know. Here are a few activities you can do with a wild field.

  • Identification- Bring a good field book with you and spend some time learning some of your local flora.
  • Flower Crowns- It could be crowns, bracelets, or necklaces all a wonderful fun. Twist the long stems into whatever shape you want and let the magic happen.
  • Press Flowers- I talked about this project last week. Read more HERE.
  • Bug Watching- So many bugs come to flowers. From bees and butterflies to ants and beetles. Bring along a magnifying glass and a jar to start a little bug collection.
  • Cloud Watching- talk about the shapes you see in the clouds.
  • Fly a Kite- Always fun in a big field and better still when it’s full of flowers.
  • Photo Shoot- Find the perfect angle and see how creative you can get.

What are your favorite things to do in an open field?

Happy Questing!

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