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Teaching Shadows

You'd think rule one of any teaching class would be never turn out the lights. But here I am, the newly minted art teacher, closing the blinds and flipping the switch. I mean how else do you really teach kids about shadow without a spotlight and some well placed puppets? So here I am with… Continue reading Teaching Shadows


3 things to avoid as a new writer

Sheep are cute and fluffy. They are very useful in many ways, which is why farmers have raised them for thousands of years. But sheep aren’t something we should aspire to be. Yet, many writers, especially new writers, struggle with many temptations. Temptations of becoming sheep. Here are 3 things to avoid as a new (or… Continue reading 3 things to avoid as a new writer

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Got goals? Learn from the pros!

Last week we discussed #goals. This week, we’ll talk about how to achieve those goals. Here’s a simple step-by-step process that takes a lot of time and effort: Step 1: Learn from the pros. Step 2: Do what the pros do. Step 3: Achieve goal. No matter what your goals is – writing a book,… Continue reading Got goals? Learn from the pros!