Hand Painted Father’s Day Cards

Father’s Day is this weekend and I wanted to share a lettering project that you could do for your dad or with the kids for father’s day.   I was in the store looking for a card for my Dad and I found one that was perfect except it was $6.50.  I decided it was time to get out the paint brush and create something myself.



  • Blank Cards
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Markers
  • Pencil with eraser

How to:

I started with these amazing blank cards that I bought at target as a 8 pack for $1.00! They kind of already look hand painted so I thought that it would work really well with hand painted lettering over top.

First I sketched out a couple ideas with a pencil and made sure it fit on the card nicely.  Make sure to get your sketch spaced well and looking even.  It doesn’t have to be perfect that is what makes lettering so fun because its hand done and it will be imperfect.

Start by coming up with your design

If you have a hard time lettering your own you can copy a font on your computer and it would work just as well.  If you are doing this with kids it would look awesome if you did the lettering and have them color around it, or you could let them do the lettering too.

After getting my sketch all figured out I used gouache paint to do the lettering.  On my second card I used a gold paint calligraphy pen.  The gold pen worked really well until the end when the gold paint just started falling out of the pen in globs.  It was my first time using it, I think I need more practice with it.   If you use a calligraphy pen like that beware of the paint globs!

Gold Paint and Gouache paint

Make sure, after the paint drys, to clean up your pencil lines with an eraser be careful not to smudge any paint. Now these are far from perfect but that’s okay that is what makes them special.

I hope this inspires you to send a letter or hand make something for someone you love.


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