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DIY Planked Quilt Art knock-off

Handcrafting a brand store item is becoming a trend for those of us who count pennies to get by. Often times I find something I like but the price tag is way out of my reach.

It’s time to be creative and make it myself.

I had on hand some left over or culls of a tongue and groove ceiling plank we installed on our cathedral ceiling purchased from a major box store for under $8 on sale. This project requires one package. I had enough broken and split pieces left over from our ceiling install that I used instead.


Using a design from a pottery barn catalog that I liked we planned out our project. Each quadrant is cut exactly the same. Its easier to cut all four pieces in succession rather than one complete block at a time. Each quadrant will end up being a square.

What we used:

  • Wood glue, or any kind of craft glue
  • one package of planking
  • 1/2 sheet of lauan board or underlayment
  • craft paint; water and a small cloth
  • sand paper
  • mitre saw
  • picture hanging wire and clips
  • 8 finish nails or screws for the frame

We laid out the pieces on our lauan board as we went along.

Mark the back of each piece for position. There are 15 pieces per quadrant, for a total of 60. Use the two uncut factory sides of the lauan board as the starting corner. Trim the lauan board to fit. I also marked the back of each piece with the color I would paint it. Sand off the rough edges on each board.


I used colors from my living room rug as a guide for selecting the paint. Craft paint works great, stain would also work well. I like using the paint because I get headaches from using stain. The paints were less than $2 per bottle, and I liked that as well. I did a sample board to make sure I liked the colors before I began. To get this look I used acrylic craft paints and a wet cloth. One coat will give a translucent look allowing the wood grain to shine through. I separated each color group into piles to make it easier.


Once dry I lightly sanded over the entire board to reveal some more of the wood underneath. Use craft or wood glue to attach each piece to the lauan board according to the numbers on the back. Weigh it down with something heavy and allow to dry. Once dry, add a frame and a picture hanger. This piece was fairly heavy so use a good hanging system.


  • Final size: 42″ x 42″
  • Cost to buy everything new about $25


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