Dollar Store DIY

Marbled Coffee Mug

I am starting a dollar store DIY series that I will be posting monthly.  It will be made up of fun DIY’s made from items you can only purchase at the dollar store.  My first DIY is a marbled coffee mug,  I paid 3 dollars for the supplies at the dollar tree.  This would be an awesome party idea for young girls or even adults,  it would also make a great gift.


  • Warm Water
  • Fingernail Polish
  • Toothpick (not necessary)
  • Bowl that can get ruined
  • White Cup (you could use a plate or bowl too)
  • Paper towel or napkin

How to:

Step 1: Fill bowl with water, you will want it as deep as the length of the cup (if you want the design to go to the top of the cup.)

Step 2: Take the fingernail polish color of your choice (or you can add in multiple colors) and drop in as much color as you would like.

Step 3: Right after adding in the polish take your toothpick and you can change the design by moving the polish around with the toothpick.

Step 4: Pick where you want the design, and lay the cup down into the water. Wait ten seconds and use the toothpick to pick up any polish that didn’t stick to the cup.  This makes it so when you pull it back out you will not get any polish where you do not want it.

Step 5: Pull the cup out of the water and let dry on a paper towel for 4 hours.  If you want it to be dishwasher safe you can buy a dishwasher safe spray adhesive.

I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Store DIY!


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