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How to Mix and Match Outfits- Travel in Style

I’m so excited for vacation (more photos to come). I’m not excited about the baggage fees most airlines charge. It’s insane!

I’m taking the time to pack things that I need, nothing else. I need room to bring back suviners. We’ve all seen the ‘travel’ sets of clothing on Pinterest that you can make a month of outfits from a dozen pieces of clothing. But how?

Here is how to make your own mix and match outfit set for your next vacation:

  1. Start with shoes. Especially important if you will be doing plenty of walking. Plan your attire around the shoes you will be wearing regularly. Shoes are also bulky to pack to if possible wear your bulkiest pair on the flight to save bag space.
  2. Understand the weather. In colder climates you need to consider your jacket. Mild weather maybe play around with some scarfs you have. This is another bulky item to consider wearing during your flight.
  3. Pick your color pallet. You need two base colors and one ‘pop’ of color and stick to it.
    1. Dark Blue and white with your choice: coral, red, yellow.
    2. Black and white goes with any color pop for the most part: purple, green, gold.
    3. Tan and Black with your choice: magenta, teal, white.
    4. Make your own option that you love that mixes up three colors, four max.
    5. Patterns are tricky. Pick one and stick with it- flannel, stripes, floral etc.
  4. Start with basics. You already have your jeans, yoga pants, or business slacks you are going to bring so build off these basics. Then layer in your tanks and tops keeping within your chosen color scheme.
  5. Add on your final pop of color. This is where it’s easy to go wrong. You don’t want a bunch of busy patterns that don’t go together. You can have one or two that fit with the rest of your basics and can be switched around. I recommend a using your color pop on skirt/dress, scarf, purse, jewelry, or leggings.

Here are some samples from Pinterest as an example of these concepts:

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