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DIY Frozen Smoothie Mix in 3 easy steps

Homemade smoothies are very easy to make!

Today I found a great deal on a half bushel of peaches. What better way to preserve them than to make some frozen smoothie bags. I love making these from fresh ingredients for future use. It makes morning rush time less hectic.

  1. Gather your produce and wash it. All these ingredients were organic except for the peaches. I soaked them in a solution of vinegar water for 20 minutes and rubbed off all the peach fuzz trying to remove pesticide residue.
  2. I like to place the ingredients into individual piles that will go into a freezer bag. I make mine for two smoothies. I always start with 2 bananas. Bananas give the smoothie enough sweetness no matter what else is added. You can play with the proportions and try different fruits and veges. They are very customizable.  I used  2 bananas, 2 peaches, 2 carrots and 4 kale leaves.
  3. Cut the piles into chunks that work well for your food processor. Place in a zip lock bag. I smash mine flat and remove all the air as best I can. Fill a large bowl with water and submerge the bag up to the zipper. This forces all the air from the bag. Seal it shut without getting any water into the bag. Freeze. 

    It’s that easy just blend up the frozen fruit with milk, water or yogurt. You can adjust the proportions and try different fruits. I hope this inspires you to make your own smoothie packs.


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