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Dollar Store DIY: Geometric Mirror Display

This dollar store DIY is an awesome way to display items and is super simple to make.   All you need is a couple supplies from the dollar store and you have yourself a beautiful geometric mirror display!



  • 3 mirrors from the Dollar store(these are next to the candles at dollar tree)
  • Hot glue gun


Step 1:

You need to first take your bottom mirror, and place it with the mirror facing up.  Then grab the outside mirror with the mirror facing out. You want the outside mirrors to be facing out and the bottom mirror to be facing in.  If you would like to hold it in place while hot gluing you can use some painters tape on the outside but its not really necessary.


Hot glue the pieces together from the inside, as its drying grab the last mirror and get the angle correct by setting the pieces as you want them for the final angle.  Let dry.  Take the last mirror and set it to the side, and glue the outside of the spot you just glued just to make sure its good and secure.


After the first two mirrors are dried together, you can now add your last mirror. I glued the out side of the bottom piece and then just did the two corners on the very top of the mirror.


Step 3:

Let everything dry and make sure its good and stable by adding glue where its needed.  All that’s left to do is to take some glass cleaner and make sure there is nothing on the mirror by cleaning it.  Now you can place a candle in it, an air plant, or anything you would like to display.



Hope you enjoyed this Dollar Store DIY!!!

Happy Crafting!

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